Used German trumps new one from China

Portrait Herr Lange

Lange GmbH, the specialist for used machines for producing boxes, has sold a folder gluer of a German manufacturer to Thailand. Quality workmanship is appreciated there, too.

Even in Thailand it has already got around that it is better to buy a used original machine of a renowned brand manufacturer than a new, cheap no-name machine from China. According to Carl Ingolf Lange, the advantages are obvious: The branded machine functions right from the start, is conforming to standards and of clearly higher quality, always works accurately, and spares for wearing parts are available more or less unlimitedly. Lange: "Experience has shown that many of those branded machines can be used for decades without any problems. And a real help for your customers in reaching a decision: The machines used by you also improve your image!"

C. I. Lange should know it - he has been an expert in this line of business for more than 25 years: Always in search of used machines and of interested parties who are looking for a used one, he is shuttling from his head office in South Germany around the globe. Lange focuses on competent advice and responsible recommendation: "Give me a drawing of a box or a sample and I tell you which machines you need!" Core of his trade is the Internet presence of More than 350 machines are always available there - from automatic die cutters as well as glueing machines, autoplaten, platen, stamping machines, laminating equipment and wrapping machines up to special market niche machines such as automatic partition assemblers, window patching machines, etc..

And so, a machine that was offered in Germany finds its buyer in Thailand. However, Lange does not only buy and sell, but also offers full service: in advance, the machine is examined and then disassembly, packing in a maritime container, shipping as well as re-assembly are organized and controlled. Only upon a successful restart is his work declared completed.

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